You are free to choose...

Whether you wish to workout at Stirling or Mount Barker, or both Centres, your membership is interchangeable.


Shape Up Membership fees are terrific value for money. We offer various term memberships to suit your needs and you may pay by cheque, credit card, cash or direct deposits from your bank.

Not sure you have the time...

With Shape Up's modern exercise equipment and time efficient training techniques you can achieve results in as little as 30 minutes, three times per week.

What will I wear?...

Wear whatever feels comfortable. Tracksuit, tight, shorts, loose fitting T-Shirt and appropriate sports footwear are ideal.

Shape Up offers much more fitness, comfort convenience, relaxation and satisfaction.

It is a club designed for you and your lifestyle, with programmers especially developed for your needs and goals.

In Just 14 days

Simply getting into the habit of coming into Shape Up a couple of times a week is one of the keys to lasting success. Our qualified instructors will encourage you into your new programme or Group Fitness Sessions and you will start to fell better in just a few visits.

In Just 30 days

By regularly working on your programme, you may begin to see some results in as little as 30 days. You will feel better, more energetic and less stressed. You are now beginning to feel the benefits of increased strength, flexibility and improving body shape. WOW.

In Just 3 months

Your workouts at Shape Up are now a natural and important part of your life. Once you reach a point where you are happy with your shape, fitness and energy levels, it's a lot more easier to maintain and protect your health.

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